2020 has been a year of high speed growth and process iteration at Elma. This has forced us to build great solutions at an incredible speed. In this post I share some product specific tips and learnings we have seen.

We have discovered that health insurance companies are very operations intensive. You’d never imagine the huge amount of things that need to happen on the back office to get an individual or company insured, let alone use the insurance and medical network frictionlessly.

All this has forced us to combine common product management tactics in order to deliver technology to…

The slingshot used by David to strike Goliath in his head before he cut his head and displayed it publicly. David was the underdog no one expected. The youngest of seven brothers, he had a lot to live up to. From having the faith to take on Goliath to trusting God throughout a tumultuous life, he exemplified faith and perseverance.

While fundraising, we get a question every once in a while which we always think has an obvious answer. Yet, even after plenty of examples of tech startups beating their incumbent counterparts at the digitalisation game, the same question keeps coming up.

What stops an incumbent (or a player in a peripheral industry) from investing €10M, cloning your technology or model and implementing it in their network of customers and erasing you out of the market? In other words, what’s the incumbent risk for your business model?

I’m sure lots, if not absolutely all startups can be challenges with this…

I really enjoy reading history and technology. There’s nothing like understanding the depth of a story to demystify it and learn from it.

Mental models help us retain these stories and their lessons, and, like poetry helped people in the middle ages remember and share stories, mental models help us share social sciences and life lessons.

Flat organisations. Small, autonomous, full-stack teams. Zero tolerance for politics; Stock incentives. If you are in tech, startups or VC, this will ring the bell. It probably sounds like management 101 to you, but not to others. Older generations think some of these management…

Albert Malagarriga

Entrepreneur, product guy, drummer, swimmer. Currently building a better healthcare system at Elma. Barcelona.

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